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The Latest Articles From our Podcast Coaches & Industry News

How to Create Your Podcast Episode Structure

Almost every podcast known to man has an episode structure, an outline, or bones if you will. There are the things that are in every episode and just vary in their content. There can be some variation from podcast to podcast, but inside a podcast these same things are in every episode.

Hero Story Podcast Interviewing

A cornerstone of podcast interviewing is being able to get an interesting story from your guests. Getting a coherent story out of a guest can be painful. You ask them questions and they give you one word answers or they ramble around for 10 minutes and still don’t answer the question. This article is going to give you a tool to build a story out of an interview.

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You want to get your podcast

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Launch A Pod is a podcast coaching designed from the ground up using S.M.A.R.T. goals and nearly a decade of experience to help you launch a podcast.