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Podcast Recording Software Roundup

Podcast recording software comes in two flavors: Software that is only suited for recording audio Full-featured software with the ability to record audio and edit audio. Whether or not you need podcast recording software depends on your desired workflow. If you're going to be conducting interviews on the go and want to lightest possible setup, [...]

2017-11-06T18:04:50-05:00March 14th, 2017|

How to Setup a Home Podcasting Studio with Good Enough Sound

Your home podcasting studio will make up 80% of the sound of your podcast. Yet, it's the most overlooked piece of the 'good sound' podcast recording puzzle. In this article, I'll explain the basics of getting good enough sound for most podcasters.

2017-11-06T17:25:04-05:00February 28th, 2017|

How to Choose a Microphone for Podcasting

Microphones for podcasting are very confusing for budding podcasters. But with a little knowledge, you can easily pick the right microphone for you, your budget, and your listeners. Read on...

2017-11-06T19:16:38-05:00February 14th, 2017|