Leverage a classic marketing strategy to grow your podcast audience: Build an awesome podcast landing page.

But first, we should address a hurdle people often face when presented with the strategy.

I’m often asked, “Does anyone read those long-form sales pages?” My borrowed answer is, “Buyers do.” The same goes for podcast landing pages.

You see, I spent six years as the marketing director, staff writer, and “official sidekick” to a ten-time NYT best-selling author. And one of my jobs was writing sales pages long enough to kill the scroll wheels on inferior computer mice.

But this isn’t where my career started. And I wasn’t a believer until the craziest thing happened: a live, real-world test blew my misconceptions out of the water.

Sharing the full details will land me in hot water. Some high-dollar Hollywood lawyer wrote the confidentiality agreement. (And I’m reasonably sure thugs would show up at my door to break my fingers if I told you.)

These Results Made Me A Believer

What I can say is this: A super scrolly page converted 5.6 TIMES MORE than a short, simple, and concise page explaining the product!

That figure bears repeating.

The short version clearly explained what we’d already been discussing for more than 60 days with the audience: 300+/- words. The second page told a story and demonstrated the value to the readers in crazy detail: 6,048 words.

This difference was the gulf between success and failure. The other way to think of the outcome: Our life-changing idea lived as opposed to an idea no one is emotionally invested in and consequently didn’t want.

The conclusion I came to was people need to rationalize their decisions. People don’t spend money willy-nilly, usually. And people don’t invest their time on a podcast freely.

So buyers or podcast subscribers will take in as much as they need to make a final decision to commit. The decision made, they scroll on until they find the prominent call to action button.

Now, Direct Response Marketing has a long history. Sometimes the past is shady, admittedly. But it’s just a tool. A tool is neither good nor bad. And like any tool, it’s about the hands wielding the tool.

To quote the great philosopher Stan Lee, “With great power comes great responsibility.” And today I’m going to share with you one of the most influential and fruitful tools in marketing, sales, and promotion: The sales page. Instead of an exchange of money for goods, you can use this time-tested technique to convert visitors into podcast subscribers.

Promise to use it responsibly?


Let’s get to it…

Podcast Marketing

Podcast MarketingYou may hear people say podcast marketing isn’t necessary. To be frank, those people should be slapped so hard their mommas feel it. (Libsyn needs to muzzle that guy and stop letting him speak in public. Seriously! Anyway… Moving on…)

This is the worst advice anyone could ever give when it comes to podcasting. They are setting podcasters up for failure.

To put a podcast out into the world and think it’ll be so good people will share it is what I call “hope marketing.” This is not proper podcast marketing. It’s not a strategy. It’s lunacy!

Your podcast may be good. It might even be exceptional. But if you’re not actively engaging in podcast marketing, chances are it won’t get very far.

You wouldn’t send your child out into the woods ill-equipped and say, “They’re smart and capable. It’ll all work out.”


You’d give them every advantage to ensure their survival and ability to thrive!

With my rant out of the way, let’s do a quick deep dive on marketing, sales, and how this translates to podcast marketing.

Marketing and Sales

A landing page has a mission: Convert you into a buyer.

This conversion is done in two steps:

  1. Tell you a story about a belief.
  2. Transfer the belief to you.

The buy-in action, in the case of a podcast landing page, is to subscribe to the podcast.
To do this responsibly and ethically, we don’t lie. Instead, we highlight the best features and benefits of what we have to offer.

Podcast Landing Page Anatomy

A solid podcast landing page has three parts:

  • Introduction
  • Demonstration of Value
  • Call to Action

This framework may seem overly simplified. And the reality is this: Creating a podcast landing page is this simple.

I won’t tell you it’s easy, though; simple and easy aren’t the same. But you’re smart, and I think you can do this. So I’ll unpack the framework for you…

Podcast Landing Page Introduction

The introduction’s job is to elicit enough interest to make the visitor want more. You’ll need to create a captivating headline and one to two paragraphs.

A headline’s job on a landing page is to convince visitors to read the copy. So craft a headline summarizing the value of your podcast. Ask yourself how your podcast will make an impact on their life.

Next, develop one to two paragraphs explaining why your show exists and what its core mission is. These sections will establish your purpose, cause, and or belief driving the podcast.

Once visitors are sucked in and emotionally engaged, it’s time to help them understand what they’ll gain…

Demonstration of Value

Accomplish demonstrating value with two parts:

  1. Here’s what you have
  2. Here’s what other people are saying about what you have (aka Social Proof)

Real image used on my podcast’s landing page to show how Apple featured the show in iTunes.

Telling people what you have is straight-forward: What is the show about and restate the purpose. You can expand on this by including a few additional paragraphs on how the show came to be.

Sharing with new visitors what other people think of your podcast is easier than you might think. The easiest way to accomplish this is by copying and pasting your best and most believable iTunes reviews.

In the sales and marketing world, these are referred to as testimonials. And each of those reviews is a testimonial.

If you don’t have any of these yet, work to get reviewed. Use what you get when you get it.

There is also what’s called “celebrity.” Think of this as the equivalent of the “As seen on [INSERT TV SHOWS OR MAJOR TV NETWORKS].

Show visitors any awards the podcast received or instances of iTunes featuring you. Anything you can show should be on display.

We’ve established why we do it, what we do, who we are, and we’ve shown them how other people agree we’re great. It’s time to tell people what to do next…

Call to Action

Tell people what you want them to do, in simple, concise language. Here’s a working example: Get our FREE super easy to follow Podcast Landing Page Model here now by clicking on the image below…


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