The Podcast Power Opening Formula

Formulas to design a power opener for your podcast. You’ll hook new listeners and engage existing listeners with each new episode so you can grow your audience.

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9 Best Podcasting Microphones List

Narrow down and make your first microphone choice with ease. We’ve created a resource with our top 9 podcasting microphone list to meet any budget.

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How to Monetize Your Podcast

We’ve created a resource with proven ways to monetize your podcast and get paid for what you love doing.

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Simple Home Podcast Studio Setup

Good sound quality made easy. This resource lays out the basics of easily creating a room with good acoustics to get your podcast started or improve the one you already have.

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22 Killer Interview Questions

Killer Podcast Interview Questions

Get your 22 Killer Interview Questions resource. You can put these to use immediately after using to rock your next interview.

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Two Simple Filters for Improving Sound

Podcast Recording Software Roundup

Want to easily improve the sound of your show?  Get the specs on the two most crucial sound filters to quickly add clarity your voice and reduce background noise.

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9 Podcast Episode Ideas Cheat Sheet

9 Podcast Episode Ideas

Want to easily produce episode ideas?  Download this resource packed with 9 fast and simple ways to create episodes that rock!

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Landing Page Anatomy Cheat Sheet

Leverage a classic marketing strategy to grow your podcast audience: Build an awesome podcast landing page.

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Podcast Guest Guide

Most of your podcast guests aren’t professionals at getting interviewed. They might not have any experience speaking on their feet, so help them using this free guide.

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9 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast Checklist

Podcaster's Sales Funnel

Resource our 9 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast checklist. You’ll be able to turn your money-suck into a money giving machine.

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7 Step Podcast Launch Checklist

How to make a podcast part 1

Starting and making a podcast can be broken down into seven steps. Each one can derail your show if done incorrectly. Get this free checklist to avoid costly mistakes.

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7 Reasons to Start a Podcast Guide

Finding and focusing on your purpose can be time-consuming and difficult. Fortunately, we’ve got a free resource to help you hack the answer in no time.

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Anti-Distraction Pre Show Checklist

The Biggest Podcast Mistake Interviewers Make

We all have pet peeves. Some are minor annoyances, others are painful podcast mistakes. Get this checklist to ensure you don’t make these easily avoided dreadful mistakes.

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Hero Story Podcast Interviewing Cheat Sheet

Getting a coherent and compelling story out of a guest can be painful. But the hero’s journey interview structure makes it simple.

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On Podcast - The Launch a Pod Podcast for podcasters

Adventure guides…

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a successful podcast that lasts?

All you need are the right adventure guides and mentors. Fortunately, they made a podcast called On Podcasting, just for you. On Podcasting shares with you actionable information to clarify and demystify building, launching, and growing a podcast you can be proud of.

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