We commonly get asked “Should I start a podcast?” and my answer is almost always yes.

Yes, you should start a podcast.

There are lots of reasons someone might start a podcast. Here are…

7 Reasons to Start a Podcast

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1. You have something to say.

This is really the most important one. Is there an idea inside of you screaming to get out? Some issue or interest you just can’t shut up about? Something you believe big media or corporate America is conspiring to keep silent?

A podcast can give you a voice.

My bet is that if you are asking “Should I start a podcast?” Then you probably already have something you want to say.

2. To be seen as an expert.

What is an expert? The old joke I heard was: “An expert is someone from out of state with a clipboard.” In the modern media landscape, you are an expert if you “cover” a topic. You could cover it like a reporter, or you could host a show about it. Could be a TV show, or radio show, or – you guessed it – a podcast.

Audience size can also signal to people you are an expert, but just being the only person on iTunes that regularly talks about oil field valves would make you an expert in the field.

3. To network with experts.

What do you do if you are asking “Should I start a podcast?” about a subject you love, but don’t know a lot about it?

Start a podcast.

Now Ron, that’s just crazy talk. How can I have a podcast about something I don’t know everything about?

Interview people who do.

This is almost exactly what I did with Photographer and Model. I knew the basics about photographing models, but I knew there were people who knew a whole lot more. So I created the show to get to know and learn from those people.

With EMS Newbie I went even further. I was literally a complete beginner when I started (hence the name). I got an experienced mentor to co-host with me.

4. To promote and sell a product or service.

One way to make money with a podcast is to sell a product during it. If you already have a product and want to promote it, why not create a podcast on a subject related to it. For example, Aaron created a podcast on home security to promote the products of SkyCover called Safe House.

5. To promote yourself.

Maybe your personal brand would benefit from its own show. Are you a public speaker or business expert looking to give people a taste of what you do? A podcast is a great way to do this.

6. To make money.

This may be the eternal struggle for most podcasters, but we specialize in teaching you how to make money from your podcast. Check out our guide to making money with your podcast.

Not every podcast lends itself to making money. It isn’t even the goal of some podcasts. Some subjects are very hard to monetize, so if you are in it just for the money, you’re going to need to pick the right subject matter.

7. To form and build a tribe.

Podcasts are great ways to build a community of people passionate about the same things you are. Seth Godin popularized the term tribe a few years back. One of the core tenants of a tribe is a unifying purpose and voice. A podcast is a great way to create this voice for your tribe.

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